Payday loans in Houston TX online -Our payday loans for really bad credit

Are you wondering about a loan at Kurtz? Get familiar with the opinions of other customers about this company. Thanks to their experience, you will learn when the payday at Kurtz pays off and what are the strengths and weaknesses of this offer. All this together will allow you to take the best and tailored to your needs and decision possibilities.

A short form, an instant decision with our payday loans for really bad credit

           If you are in a fiat situation, you have little time and you need cash for anymore, head to the site and apply for payday loans for really bad credit. Instantly (because the whole will take you only 15 minutes) you will submit an application, you will receive a decision and, as a result, your money will be credited to your account. Zero unnecessary formalities, transparent rules and a cash range from 200 PLN to 4000 PLN definitely speak for this company.

           Secondly, Kurtz is an alternative to bank loans, which for many people (eg with lower credit or junk) are virtually unavailable. Plenty of paperwork, income certificates, waiting in queues can be easily replaced with a quick pay-off at Kurtz available online.

           The loan in this company is also a solution for young people – people who have turned 20 can apply for cash. It is also an excellent option for seniors – the loan is available to people under 70 years of age. In banks and in some loan companies, this range is much narrower.

The advantages and disadvantages of a Kurtz loan

           Each offer has its lighter and darker points. Reliable writing them out and getting to know them will help you decide on the application. See what advantages and disadvantages a payday debt in Kurtz has. If you think we should expand our list, please tell us in a comment. We are happy to supplement the table below with your remarks.


  •         instant decision on granting the loan,
  •         minimum of formalities,
  •         simple and intuitive application,
  •         the possibility of extending the repayment date,
  •         the possibility of early repayment of the loan,
  •         two methods of identity verification (traditional bank transfer and Kontomatik application),
  •         the high maximum amount from the first loan.


  •         lack of the first free loan,
  •         high loan costs,
  •         the company does not work on weekends,
  •         no fee and commission table,
  •         no information about the costs of extending the repayment date,
  •         verification of customer credit history.